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We repair Samsung, Bosch, Maytag, Miele, LG, GE, Kenmore, Frigidaire, Asko and more

We offer quick, professional and affordable repair service in LA County. Dial now (747) 444-1848 and get a FREE estimate with repair! Stoves and ovens are important in any kitchen; when they break down, oven repair becomes a necessity. Whether you cook every night or just for special occasions, having an oven or stove that works the way it's supposed to is absolutely essential. If your stove doesn't hold a steady temperature or your oven has cool spots, your food is not going to come out the way you want it to. When you have problems cooking, it gets easier to just go to the local fast food joint and pick up a meal to take home. This becomes costly very quickly, not to mention that the food is not as healthy as what you might make at home.

Your oven failed to bake those cookies and you've got a raw doughy mess. What's your next step?

Danger! All electric or gas connections must be disconnected in order to reduce the risk of death associated with electric and gas appliance repair. It is highly recommended that these repairs be performed by a professional. If you have any concerns, call our professional technicians for a free consultation.

Stoves and ovens may suffer from an array of problems that prompt a call for oven repair. Some of these problems may be associated with:

  • Insufficient power - This problem may be characterized by one or more eyes not heating properly or the oven failing to achieve the required temperature. Most electric stoves and ovens are designed to function on 220V A/C. Lack of proper heating often occurs because there is not enough electricity flowing to the appliance for proper function.
  • Faulty wiring - Wiring that is not properly connected or grounded may cause problems with a stove's eyes or the heating elements of an oven. Faulty wiring may also be a fire hazard and should be addressed immediately.
  • Failed ignition - In stoves or ovens where an ignition switch is needed, failure of the switch may lead to a lack of spark to ignite the gas. This is a very common problem with gas stoves and ovens without pilot lights. The primary feature of this failure is the lack of spark for one or more burners, notably when spark is available at other burners.

Electrical and gas appliance repair can be very dangerous and should not be performed without training or specific knowledge. Our technicians are trained to carry out repairs of this nature on all major appliance brands such as Maytag, KitchenAid, Bosch and others.

For all your oven repair needs in the Los Angeles area, please call us at (747) 444-1848 or go to our website to conveniently schedule your appointment online.

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