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Refrigerator Repair in San Mateo, CA

Need refrigerator repair service due to warm fridge, leaks or other problems? Dial now (650)242-925 and receive a FREE estimate with repair! Refrigerators are one of the hardest working appliances and when yours breaks down, you're going to be scrambling for refrigerator repair. Keep in mind that your fridge works all day, all night, all the time, keeping all of your food cold or frozen. While they usually have a very long life-span, refrigerators do occasionally break down. When you find yourself faced with this problem, it's a race against the clock to keep your perishables from perishing. We provide our expert appliance repair services to a variety of cities and towns in San Mateo and more.

The temperature in your refrigerator is reaching dangerously high levels. How are you going to get it fixed?

Caution! All power sources to your appliance need to be disconnected prior to repairs being attempted. The risk of death or serious injury by electrical shock is very real in appliance repair. If you have any doubts concerning your ability to carry out the repairs, we urge you to call us and request a free consultation.

Refrigerator failure can occur in a wide variety of situations. Some of the most common reasons for needing refrigerator repair are:

  • Condenser coils - This part may fail, resulting in a lack of sufficient cooling or other considerable problems. The remedy may be as simple as vacuuming the coil or it may need to be replaced completely if leaks are present.
  • Leakage - Water may leak from your refrigerator because of problems related to the ice maker or condenser.
  • Extreme frost formation - This problem usually stems from excess moisture in the freezer, condenser coil malfunctions or a number of other problems.

Most of these problems require professional repair. Any problems involving Freon or fluid leaks should be assessed by a trained repair professional. When you're looking at major refrigeration problems, keep in mind that our technicians can handle repairs of all major appliance brands like Bosch and KitchenAid.

We also provide dryer repair, washer repair,dishwasher repair, oven, stove, range repair service

Our professional refrigerator repair is available in San Mateo and surrounding areas and we invite you to call (650)242-925 or visit us online to schedule your appointment now.

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